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From Rent Parties to Kickstarter: Toward a Democratic Patronage of Poetry

(Colleen Robertson Abel, Millicent Accardi, Marty McConnell, Eileen Myles, Rita Mae Reese) Have you seen your poems on blogs or pillows sold on Etsy but weren't even consulted or paid for their use? Would you like to receive payment for your poetry? Do you have a special project that needs funding? This panel will identify avenues of support for poets who make potential readers more aware of and invested in poetry as a living art form. We will explore the concept of the gift economy, aggregated sites for donations, crowd-sourcing, rent parties, and more.

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Monsters Under Your Bed: Writing from Folklore, Reinterpreting Legend. (Millicent Accardi, Jose Faus, Maria Vasquez Boyd, Amy Sayre Baptista, Paula Neves) Literary interpretations of folklore range from cautionary tales to tales of terror. Latino and Portuguese writers examine iconic figures in Latino and Lusophonic cultures like El Cucui, Los Duendes, and La Llorona. Learn why and how these nightmarish figures fit into youth-friendly literature promoting life lessons, how they retain aspects of frightening folklore and culture, and how reinterpretations strive to preserve adult nostalgia for these beloved beasts and sentimental specters.

What Audiences Say About Kale Soup for the Soul reading series
I attended "Kale Soup for the Soul"  held at the History Park in San Jose and hosted by the Portuguese Heritage Publications of California. I'm not sure I know what it was about this particular reading, much less explain it in writing, that left me so invigorated and inspired. Perhaps a certain recognition like meeting a family member or a dear friend far, far away from home. Or maybe like being in a room where the future is looking into my grandmother's trunk that also contains many of my own personal items stored there for posterity. What better way than through literature? I ask. What better way to ensure a legacy than to encourage and support young and not so young writers, members of mainstream society who may not even add an hyphen to what they call themselves any longer, yet, there they were speaking to me — family — my American family. --Goretti Silveira