A JUMBO Smattering of Interviews and Reviews 

For publications such as The AWP Writers' Chronicle, Interlocutor, SmokeLong Quarterly, Another Chicago Magazine, Cleaver, Cutback, Portuguese American Journal and local arts newspapers in Los Angeles, Millicent has written over 100 interviews, theater reviews, book reviews  and non-fiction articles.  Here is a list of titles and links below.

Art Reviews

Interlocutor: Interview with Artist F Scott Hess, April 2021

--May 2021: Interview with textile artist Linda Friedman Schmidt

Portuguese American Journal, June. 2013, “Christopher Sousa’s bold and brilliant painting – Interview

--July 2016: “Visual artist: Michael de Brito is honest, immediate and intimate – Interview

--October 2019: “Textile Art: Vanessa Barragão reclaims ancestral craft – Interview.”

--August 2020: “Street Art: Ana Martins cross-stitches traditions to emotions – Interview with Aheneah”

--October 2020: “Ralph Almeida: On bringing Azulejos to a new light – Interview

Linda Friedman Schmidt (reprint of interview), July 2021


Book Reviews and Interviews

Aires de Cambio. May 2014: “¿Con pelos o sin pelos?” reprint of “To Hair or not to Hair,” translated into Spanish.

Adjunct Project: Nov. 2012: “Escape from Adjunct City Poetry: “Breakfast with Merwin” (encounter with Poet Laureate)
Another Chicago Magazine, March 2, 2021: “The Mystery of Renata.” A Conversation with Frank X. Gaspar

AWP Writers Chronicle, May/Summer 2016: “Interview with CantoMundo Founders”

BorderCrossings: leituras transatlanricas: “Afterthoughts, an interview with Vamberto Freitas,” Ponta Delgado, Portugal 2016.

Canto Continuity, June 2012: “Submission, an article about artists residencies”

Cleaver Magazine: “Beautiful in its Slowness: interview with Rachel Slotnick,” Jan, 26, 2017, “Nuno Júdice : O Fruto da Gramática pdf 9 poemas por Chiara De Luca,” PAJ interview quoted in article, Jan 2017.

The Conversant: fall 2013, “The Fisherman’s Daughters Speak: Millicent Borges Accardi and AmySayre Baptista”

Crazyland (reprint), Dream Team Interview with Saudade Theater April 2022

Cutbank: “A Conversation between Millicent Borges Accardi and Luanne Castle,” Dec/ 2022

Essay Press 10, On Poetics, Identity and Latinidad: CantoMundo Poets Speak Out, Jan, 2015

Esthesis, Sept 2018: “Cattle of the Lord: interview with Rosa Alice Branca” (reprint)

Faculade de Cencias Sociais E Humanas, NOVA Universidade Lisboa, “Entrevista Nuno Judice,” March 2014 

Gavea-Brown, “Uncovering the Portuguese Soul of Donna Freitas” December 2013

Her Kind: “To Hair or not to Hair,” Sept. 11, 2013

My Luso (reprint) of “Cattle of the Lord” – An Interview with Poet Rosa Alice Branco, Sept 2018

Nas Duas Margens: “Afterthoughts: Interview with Literary Critic Vamberto Freitas,” June 2015

New Mirage, winter 2011: “Nature’s Tour Guide,” review of Whose Cries Are Not Music, by Linda Benninghoff

Poets Quarterly: July 2012: “Professor, Poet, Fighter, Portuguese-American: Carlo Matos

-- October 2012: “Rachel Eliza: Past, Present and Now,” an interview with Cave Canem writer.

--April 2013: “The Power of Tenuous Connections—an Interview with Poet Molly Fisk

--July 2013: “Blessed Journey, an Interview with Poet and Translator Liliana Valenzuela”

--October 2013: “Interview with the founders of The Muse Writers Center, Norfolk, VA”

--Spring 2014: “Let’s Spend Some Time Together: How to Start a Writers Group: Q&A with Robert Manaster.”

--Summer 2014: “Break on Through : Interview with KPFK Poets Café’s Lois P. Jones.

--Fall 2014: “Bigger Than Elvis: Erika L. Sánchez—Poet, Writer, and Creative Strategist

-- “Roosters. Jellyfish. Fighting. 80s movies--Poet Carlo Matos Discusses New Work.”

Spring 2015: “The “Darling” of the Poetry World: Kristina Marie Darling Interview”

-- “Maybe a Little Closer: Interview with Poet Terri Witek”

Summer 2015: “The Miracle of Mercury—An interview with Joan Hanna”

-- “CantoMundo Poets Head to Bread Loaf”

Fall 2015: “A Fantastic American Swagger: Interview with Sam Pereira

--“The Milk Underground: Two Translators Spill Their Secrets

Portuguese American Journal, Dec. 2011, “Jeff Parker: Disquiet conference attracts writers to Lisbon – Interview

--April, 2012 Linette Escobar’s gift of self goes beyond her community – Interview

--June, 2012 “Rogério Puga: His work on Macau and his wide literary interests – Interview

--August, 2012: “Nuno Júdice: One of Portugal’s greatest literary treasures – Interview

--“Interview with Canadian novelist Anthony de Sa”

--“Philip Graham, Abroad in Lisbon,” interview with Philip Graham.

--Sept, 2012: “Sempre p’ra Frente,” an interview with Writer Brian Sousa”

--Oct. 2012: “Portuguese-American author Amy Sayre explores the macabre – Springfield, IL

--Nov. 2012: “Power of the Spirit” book review

--Dec. 2012: “Frank Gaspar Much Beloved Writer” interview

--April 2013: “Stephen Rebello, In Hollywood with Alfred Hitchcock”

--June 2013: “Opinion: Porto book fair canceled after nearly a century – Portugal”

--Sept. 2013: Book Review: Antidote – By José Luís Peixoto – Review

--October 2013, “Arthur Lemos – The Man and His Music – Interview

--“Darrell Kastin’s mystical world of fantasy and intrigue – Interview

--“Interview with Poet Alberto Pimenta

-- April 2014: “Irene Marques: On women’s voices and cultural identity – Interview

--May 2014: “The Story of the Portuguese Kids – Interview”

--June 2014: “Fado: a Rising Star in World Music—Interview with Ramana Vieira”

--July 2014: “Across the Universe—Interview with Nancy Vieira Couto”

--Sept 2014: “PHPC: The Story of a Portuguese-American Publisher

--Oct. 2014: “Katherine Vaz, Our Lady of Literature”

--Dec. 2014:George Monteiro: A distinguished career in excellence – Interview

--Jan. 2015: “Creating New Meanings and Forms—Interview with Joao Martins

--Feb. 2015: “Alice Clemente: Portuguese language and literature had to find a place – Interview

--Mar. 2015: “About Natas: Conversation w/ Chef Fátima Marques – Los Angeles,   1.9K “likes”

--May 2015Maria Lawton: ‘Azorean Green Bean’ speaks of food and heritage”  1.1 K “likes”

--August 2015: “Larry Correia: A writer in the science fiction fantasy genre – Interview

--October 2015: “Living History. Cristina Baptista Documents the Morgan’s Journey.”

--March 2016: “Ahmed Al-Sheikh: Portuguese heritage and a unique perspective – Interview”

--August 2016: “Anthony Barcellos: Balancing life, math and fiction – Interview

--Sept 2016: “Margie Vieira: From Dairy Farmer to Novelist – Interview

--Nov. 2016: “Sarah A. Hoyt: Saudade for Portugal and the me I never was”

--Feb. 2017: “Aerosmith’s Joe Perry discusses his Portuguese Heritage” 3.6K “likes”

--Aug. 2017: “Rosa Alice Branco: Her poetry speaks of perception, sense and empathy”

--Jan 2018: “Brick City Poet: Marina Carreira speaks of heritage and poetry inspired by Fado”

--April 2018 “It’s Paula. With a Capital A,” interview with poet PaulA Neves.

--June 2018: “Lara Gularte: Her sense of identity is rooted in the middle of the ocean – Interview”

--Sept 2018: “Straight from Pico: An interview with the author of ‘The Tenth Island’

--Dec, 2018: “Women, Magic and Water,” an interview with Amy Sayre Baptista,

--March 2019: “Diniz Borges: Portuguese Beyond Borders Institute – Interview”

--August 2019: “Hugo dos Santos A Sense of Self rooted in the Immigrant Experience”

--November 2019: “Elaine Ávila: Portuguese Canadian playwright debuts new play – Interview”

--January 2020: Interview with Tricia Pimenta (expat in Portugal)

--March 2020: “Heritage: Sue Fagalde Lick takes readers on her journey – Interview

-- Jan 2021: “Curse of Roses: Diana Pinguicha unveils Isabel de Aragão – Interview”

--Feb 2021: “Poetry: True North with Sam Pereira – Interview”

--March 2021: Frank X Gaspar: The Haunting Muse of Renata Ferreira – Interview

--April 2021, “Interview with Caitlin Dafonte Flynn, Culture Reporter and Travel Writer

--August 2021: “Interview with Angolan writer João Melo”

--Oct 2021: “André Correia de Sá –Tribute to Professor Eduardo Mayone Dias – Interview” and “Donna Binkiewicz: ‘The saga of my Portuguese family in Hawaii’ – Interview

--May 2022: “David Oliveira: The sibilant sounds of a language of belonging”

--July 2022: “Robert Simon: A lover of all things Portuguese – Interview”

--August 2022: “Letras Lavadas: A charming spot in the heart of Ponta Delgada – Interview”

--November 2022: “Peter Pereira: The wisdom of poetry and healing – Interview

--Dec 2022: “Dian Sousa: How to write while drunk & cooking the perfect egg – Interview

--January 2023: “Luis Gonçalves: Meaningful ways to teach and learn Portuguese”

--March 2023: “Poet Michael Garcia Spring traces his bloodline back to the Azores”

Portuguese American Review, Dec, 2011, “The Luso-Debate—What’s  in a Name? Depende!

--Feb., 2012: “Portugal: A Literary Secret” by Millicent Borges Accardi and Tony J. Roma

--April 2012: Sam Pereira, The Real Thing

--Oct. 2012: “Gender Bias and the Future of Portuguese Literature: an interview with scholar Deolinda Adão”

Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies 25 / Lusofonia and its Futures (UMAss), Tagus Press, August. 2013, “The Story as Question Mark,” interview with Jacinto Lucas Pires

Portuguese Tribune, “Sisterhood, Solidarity and Resistance,”  Feb 1, 2017.

--“About the Portuguese- American Experience” reprint of interview with Sam Pereira Feb 2021

Prairie Schooner, (reprint) of “Across the Universe: with Nancy Vieira Couto,” April 2014.

The Rumpus (roundup), link to “To Hair or not to Hair from Her Kind.” 2013

SmokeLong Quarterly, fall 2022, “Smoke & Mirrors with Andrew Graham Martin

-- winter  2022, “Smoke & Mirrors with Luke Sutherland

This Magnificent Life (Australia), June 2012: “Gloves off Poetry” Interview with Carlo Matos

Topanga Messenger, Vol. 28 No. 12: “Healing Justice: Topanga's Non-Profit Attorney”

-- Sept. 8, 2005: “Missing—and Found—Record Producer Christian Irwin found in Creek.”

--  Vol. 28 No. 15:“The House of Solomon” Interview with Grammy Director Michael Green

--  Vol. 28 No. 20: “Waiting for Stars or Voices: Poems” by Carl Dennis”

--  Vol. 28 No. 21: “Postcards from Topanga’s Past” researching vintage postcards

--  Vol. 29 No. 7: “Historical Society Marks “End of an Era”

--  Vol. 34 No. 25, “Growing up Bickerson” interview with the daughter of a radio show writer

--  Vol. 35 No 16, “A Conversation with playwright Bill Bozzone”

-- Vol 36 No 16, “A Conversation with Canadian playwright David Gow”

-- Sept. 2014: “Seven Questions with Playwright Bill Cain”

Wingbeats II, (Dos Gatos Press, 2014), Chapter 2, poetry exercise about line breaks.

Women’s Voice for Change, Dec. 2011, “Poetry Sunday: Building a Women’s Poetry Group, Way Back When”’

--  Sept. 2012: Interview with Canadian novelist Erika de Vasconcelos

Wordgathering: Dec. 2016: “What Do You Know for Sure: Interview with Andrea Scarpino

-- “Interview with Poet Veronica Noechel

Theater and Music Reviews

Portuguese American Journal, April 2016: “IPMA: 2016 International Portuguese Music Awards – New Bedford, MA”
--Nov. 2017: “IPMA: The International Portuguese Music Awards 2018 – New Bedford, MA
--April 2022, Dream Team Interview with Saudade Theater April 2022”

Topanga Messenger, Vol. 29 No. 16, “Loving too Well, but not Wisely: Arthur Miller’s Ride Down Mt. Morgan”

-- Vol.34 No. 12, “To Believe or Not to Believe” Review of Hamlet

-- Vol.34 No. 14, “The Three Musketeers

-- Vol.34 No. 15, “A Dream within a Dream” Review of Midsummer Night’s Dream

-- Vol.34 No. 16 “In and Out” in Sherman Oaks Review of David Wally’s one act play

-- Vol.34 No. 15, “Feel the Music” Theater review of Master Class

-- Vol.34 No. 17, Carry it On!” America’s History in Word and Song

-- Vol.34 No. 23, “Seedlings Festival Opens — Focus is on Short Plays

-- Vol.35 No.11, “Theatricum Botanicum Seeks “Seedlings” Committee Members

-- Vol.35 No. 12, “The World’s Mine Oyster” Review of Merry Wives of Windsor

--Vol. 35 No 15, “A Rose by Any Other Name” Review of Bob Bozonne’s play Rose Cottages

--Vol. 35 No 16:  “Rachel, Rachel,” Review of the play My Name is Rachel Corrie

--Vol. 36 No 11:Shakespeare: The Hippie Bard” Review of Measure for Measure

--Vol. 36 No 12: “Things are Not as They Seem,” George Bernard Shaw’s Heartbreak House

--Vol. 36 No 14: “The Miracle of ‘The Women of Lockerbie"

--Vol. 36 No 19: “These Boots are Made for Kicking,” review of Cherry Docs by David Gow

--Vol. 37 No 13: “Fifty Shades of Shakespeare,” review of The Taming of the Shrew

--Vol. 37 Nov 14: “The Royal Family, Sometimes Blood is Thicker than Usual”

--Vol. 37 Nov 16: “Tone Deaf,” a review of Joyce Carol Oats’ play “Tone Clusters”

--Vol. 38 July 6th: “About a Girl, review of All’s Well that Ends Well”

--Vol. 38 July 31st: “Matching Wits at Theatricum’s Much Ado about Nothing”

--Vol. 38 Sept. 11: “Equivocation, the Conscious Shakespeare