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Reviewed in Rain Taxi 

Reviewed in the famous medical journal The Lancet!

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It's Two New Reviews (coming right at You)

Mom Egg Review  by Barbara Ellen Sorensen

Quarantine Highway is an exploration of human beings finding new ways to be together in the midst of a pandemic. Her poems encompass relationships as well as separations and borders, and what we have found out about ourselves. In Accardi’s superb poetic voice, she invites the reader to reflect on what it means to be together while simultaneously being apart from others.

The Temz Review  by Carla Scarano D'Antonio  (her final review)
We do not know what is happening and how it will end. Covid seems to be a ‘machine’ that brings death and we are not sure what will come after it 

And an Anthology. . .

 Latinx Poetics: Essays on the Art of Poetry, edited by Ruben Quesada, Foreword by Juan Felipe HerreraEssay, "To Have and Have Not: Uncovering the Cultural Identity in Twenty-First-Century Portuguese American Literature "